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Regional VET Programs

What is VET?
VET (Vocational Education and Training) refers to national vocational qualifications that are endorsed by industry. VET qualifications provide students with the opportunity to develop specific industry-related skills. Students with VET qualifications are well prepared to take on apprenticeships (including School-based Apprenticeships), further education and training, and skilled jobs.

What are Western Adelaide Regional VET Programs?
Regional VET programs provide students in year 10, 11 and 12 in Western Adelaide with increased vocational pathway options through a broad range of VET program choices. Regional VET programs are hosted by schools and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Students remain enrolled at their Home School, and attend the Host School or RTO for their chosen VET program.

What are the benefits of choosing VET?
Some of the benefits are:

  • gaining a nationally-recognised qualification while completing your SACE.
  • getting a 'head start' in your chosen career.
  • making your senior school study more relevant and interesting.
  • providing opportunities to learn 'on-the-job' through workplace learning.
  • gaining the skills and knowledge that employers look for.
  • providing pathways into apprenticeships, traineeships (including School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships), further education or training, and direct employment.
Will I have to pay to participate in a Regional VET Program?
Will I have to pay to participate in a Regional VET Program? Department for Education (public) schools in Western Adelaide region (WASSN) will subsidise the training cost for students if it is part of the students? genuine career pathway and SACE. Please check the level of subsidy with your home school. What remains of the training cost is the WASSN Gap Fee associated with that course. For many courses the WASSN Gap Fee will be zero. Home schools will invoice you for the WASSN Gap Fee (if any) and the compulsory Regional VET fee of $100.00 per student (for WASSN member schools only). Please note WASSN will invoice non WASSN DfE schools a compulsory Regional VET fee of $150 and $200 for non DfE schools. The home school may collect this fee from the family directly.

In some courses there may be specific personal items or materials the student will require (e.g.: uniform, steel capped boots or other equipment that becomes the personal property of the student). If not purchased personally by the student or family, the HOST School (where you are doing the VET course) will invoice families for these items. Please see for these details under the course name. Students from private (non-Department for Education schools or Department for Education schools outside of Western Adelaide) who wish to apply, will need to discuss program costs and their school's VET payment policy with their school's VET Leader.

How will I travel to my VET program?
In most cases, students will be required to arrange their own transport to VET programs and workplace learning. Please speak to your VET Leader to find out what assistance is available from your Home School.

Will doing a VET program affect my other subjects?
Some students may miss lessons for other subjects while at their VET program. This will depend upon your timetable, the VET program you are enrolled in, and the number of other subjects you are studying at your Home School. This means that you will need to be well organised and prepared to negotiate subject learning requirements by working closely with your subject teachers and VET Leader.

Who can I speak to about a Regional VET Program?
Home School VET Leader for more information.

How do I apply for a Regional VET Program?
Go to the Apply Now! page for more information.

Applying for a Regional VET Program