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VET Readiness Orientation (VETRO)

The VET for School Students policy sets out the government's plan to improve VET delivery in schools so that young people are supported with quality career education and clearly articulated pathways to employment and further education.

To ensure students? readiness to commence a VET pathway, the VET Readiness Orientation (VETRO) has been developed as the entry point to VET for school students. VETRO is an upfront assessment, induction and orientation to VET to ensure that students enrol in a course that is right for them and has their personal and learning support needs planned for.

What are the details?
VETRO applies to all students commencing VET through a Flexible Industry Pathway, including apprenticeships and traineeships. It is not required for students undertaking Stackable VET.

VETRO will be introduced from Semester 2, 2021 in preparation for all students starting VET in 2022. Trials are currently being undertaken to test the process prior to full rollout.

VETRO is undertaken by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and will usually be carried out in year 10, once a student has made the decision to commence a VET pathway.

What is the process?
Schools are responsible for referring students to RTOs using an online form. Note that before referring students to the RTO, schools should ensure students have received adequate career education so that students understand their pathway options and make well informed decisions about their future. Once schools complete the referral, the RTO will contact the school to facilitate next steps. The process usually starts with an information session facilitated at the school or at the RTOs site. This information session will cover course requirements, expectations of students, the application process and what to expect in an adult learning environment.

Students will then be required to undertake a Snapshot Reading and Numeracy Assessment to demonstrate sufficient literacy and numeracy ability. The RTO will discuss and assess the student?s suitability for the industry and future career aspirations to ensure they are being suitably matched to their chosen pathway.

The RTO will also speak to the student about any other support needs they may have, and discuss these needs with the school. In some cases, funded case management support can be provided by the Department for Innovation and Skills (DIS).

The RTO then makes an assessment of student readiness and informs the school and parent of the outcome.
Where can I find more information?
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