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Helpful Tools and Links

Job Applications
Knowing the requirements of an employer can be hard to determine.

Below are some helpful tools to assist students to prepare a personalised and relevant application.

Researching Job Duties and Competencies
The Australian Apprenticeships Training Information Service website provides more information about a trade or qualification which may help you to decide if a job and its tasks are suited to your interests.

Researching Apprenticeship and Traineeship Pathways and Careers
The Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website provides easy to access information about Apprenticeship and Traineeship pathways, including career information, practice aptitude quizzes and occupational videos.

More Information on Australian Apprenticeships
The Australian Government Australian Apprenticeships website provides information on:

  • Contracts of Training
  • the legal requirements
  • the parties involved in the 'signing' process
This site also provides links to Registered Training Organisations and Australian Apprenticeship Centres.