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Navigating Future Pathways Program

The Program is a new strategy and delivery model that will strengthen efforts to increase SACE achievement and create vocational education and training opportunities for young people across the state.

The strategy focuses on developing stronger, more sustained partnerships between schools and businesses to support real-world learning, and expose young people to the range of pathways available to them, including in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)-related areas.

Key elements of the strategy include:

  • closer links with business and industry to ensure course work is directly relevant to the modern workplace, and develops the realworld problems solving skills employers are seeking
  • extra support for schools to increase SACE participation, retention and completion rates and deliver higher ATAR scores through a focus on teaching
  • improved career planning advice for students and their families, including the latest labour market information so they can make well informed decisions
  • closer alignment of Vocational Education and Training programs with skills shortages and emerging industries
  • building effective approaches to career development that improve students' career management skills.

What services can be provided?

  • Working in partnerships with schools to support student pathways
  • Supporting sites for Workplace Learning Procedures
  • Presentation to students re; Workplace Learning Procedures
  • Supporting schools to manage school based apprenticeships
  • Provide career development services.
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Students & Families:
Work collaboratively to support successful transitions of learners from Year 10 through to SACE and pathways beyond through to:

  • Meet with students and families to introduce services
  • Coaching Young People for Success
  • Career Planning with students - Goal setting
  • Interact in PLP sessions
  • Interact in Workplace Practices classes either as a speaker or mentor
  • Interact in Pastoral care - speaking with senior students
  • Work ready presentation - employers values
  • Vocational Pathways presentations
  • Explain to families about Vocational Education and Training (VET) in schools
  • Assist students and families to understand pathways into apprenticeships (including school based - to assist with achieving SACE credits) further education and/or training, and employment
  • Provide a list of current VET courses available
  • Attend Career Expo's
  • Attend Open nights
  • Attend SACE nights
  • Attend Counselling information sessions with students and families
  • Assist in resume writing
  • Assist in interview skills
  • Assist in presentation skills
  • Assist with working with ATSI, Disability, Disengaged and FLO students to prepare them for the world of work
  • Provide assistance with referrals to agencies that can assist students to gain fulltime traineeships or apprenticeships.

For further information with Career Pathways please contact:

Western Adelaide
Navigating Future Pathways

Natalie Lynch
Mobile: 0437 620 614

Office details:
Navigating Future Pathways Program
Le Fevre High School
90 Hart Street
Semaphore South
Ph: 08 8449 7004 Fax: (08) 8341 8235